It's All About Efficiency and the Art of Programming ...
If you've heard about our pricing before visiting this page, you are probably asking yourself how in the world we could be priced so low. You might have even questioned whether or not you truly would receive service from a company that is priced so far below the competition. So we've decided to let you in on a little secret. As we explained in our mission page, D&A truly provides MORE SERVICE at LOWER PRICE . The Information Technology revolution made possible for everyone to do the job faster and more economically. D&A takes advantage of this revolution by constantly developing, updating and improving its business process and management tool - PRM® Engine - the tool that makes possible to pay our consultants what the deserve and charge our clients the reasonable rates and fees.
  • Are your vendors utilizing these technologies as we do?
  • Have you noticed any decrease in rates and fees from your vendors, which are comparable to our offer?
  • Are you still sifting through dozens of resumes to fill each of your positions?
You don't have to anymore, thanks to the PRM® Engine - the proprietary customer and candidate management engine at the heart of D&A's internal workflow.
Over five years and thousands of hours of development have gone into the PRM® Suite - all to serve the needs of our clients and candidates quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively. The PRM® Engine is the reason D&A can truly provide much More Service at much Lower Price.
PRM Search Module: Performs fast, accurate and fully customizable matching functions between submitted orders and potential candidates (resume bank).
Designed specifically as a tool for connecting qualified candidates with potential employers, PRM® Engine is constantly being updated and enhanced to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients and candidates. PRM® Engine enables our Account Managers and Recruiters to:
  • PRM® Engine Contact Manager Maintains a dynamic database of tens of thousands of resumes from I.T. professionals throughout the service area
  • PRM® Engine Search Tool Instantly cross-references job orders and candidate profiles to quickly associate job seekers and potential employers
  • PRM® Engine Distributor Immediately notifies hundreds of professionals about relevant opportunities
  • PRM® Engine Testing System Performs technical skills check LIVE over the telephone and receive test results with ratings broken down by specific technologies and cross-referenced
  • PRM® Engine Submitter Handles document delivery and resume presentation in a fraction of the time it would require to manually achieve the same results
  • PRM® Engine Reference Check Module Performs reference check, background check, verify employment and salary history of the candidates presented
  • PRM® Engine Reminders System Allows to schedule, share and track down day-to-day business operations, activities and events
  • ...And much, much more. If it can conceivably be automated, the PRM® Engine does it.

PRM Reminders Module: Keeps track of all important activities such us job searches, technical skill assessment sessions, scheduled reference checks, interviews, meetings,… - it simply assures that no critical business event will be missed.
PRM® Engine Reference Check Module: Allows us to manage references for the candidates presented to the jobs. During the reference check process the module helps gather information about candidates personality, technical skills, achievements, strengths and weaknesses, business acumen and detailed ratings of the applicant.
  • If you are consultant, contractor or job seeker you should always stay active in the Information Technology market. By submitting your resume to us, whether you are currently seeking new job opportunity or not, you will allow PRM® Engine to notify you about all new openings in real-time. We assure you that you will receive job specification via email only and your resume will be confidentially kept in our database and be solicited to anyone without your permission
  • If you are our client, you are guaranteed very efficient and effective service
We believe in the industry we serve, and have subsequently employed the greatest techniques and technologies available today to bring you "More Service. Lower Price." through the Professional Resources Manager and our team of technology professionals. D&A and the PRM® Engine empower you with great talent only a phone call away - at a cost that you can easily afford. Contact us to hear more about how D&A and the Professional Resources Manager (PRM® Engine) can help you and your company.